Fall Fashion Advice for Korean Drama Addicts

Fall Fashion Advice for Korean Drama Lovers

It’s the official Fall and that means more stylish coats, denim jackets, A-line skirts and tartan shirts are being displayed in stores. It’s kinda excited thinking about this and how the days draw near till the Holiday Season!

But before getting too excited, Some of us are interested in finding new inspirations to wear this Fall without spending too much.

Besides of getting inspiration from mannequins, magazines, or stores.. why don’t we get inspiration from what we know best? BY WATCHING KDRAMAS.

I guess the perfect model for fall fashion this month is Krystal from My Lovable Girl and Our Heroine Ha No Rah and friends from Twenty Again.

Krystal from My Lovable Girl.

Yoon Se Na’s style is very youthful, preppy and chic. Her fashion is totally relatable and something that you could totally wear (or wanted to wear) for Fall.

In the drama, she sported a lot of gingham prints, A-line skirts, cropped jackets and preppy inspired dresses. Some of her combos are very simple like a shirt paired with skinny jeans or flared jeans (the current trend) together with an oversize coat. You can also paired a peter pan collared shirt with a dress, matched with some poppy black heels or your favorite sneakers.

Here are some of her best looks:











Yoon Se Na’s Inspired Look, created on Polyvore.



Ha No Rah and friends in Twenty Again

The drama is all about a 38 year old Ha No Rah, played by Choi Ji-Woo who decides to change the course of her life by going back to college and experienced what she skipped over at 19.

Since the setting of the drama is school life, majority of the styles here are preppy and casual. Bomber and military jackets can be spotted and lots of snapbacks, stylish school bags and trendy sneakers can also be seen in the drama.

Ha No Rah’s fashion is very simple. She prefers wearing a simple shirt paired with jeans together with a bomber jacket. She rarely wear skirts but if she do, she’ll make sure to paired it with her favorite coat and some black leggings.

My favorite outfit of hers is her light gray jacket matched with plaid peter pan collared top and jeans. Here are some of Ha No Rah’s best look:










Ha No Rah’s inspired look:


Not only Ha No Rah knows how to dress well, but also her friends. These people got some awesome styles to flaunt on campus.

Oh Hye Mi

The campus queen here goes girly by wearing cute dresses, printed skirts, and a cropped jacket. Her usual outfits mostly wearing dresses or try mix and match by pairing a simple shirt with a fun skirt or sometimes wearing stylish jeans (like ripped or flared) with a long coat. Here are some of her best looks:



twenty again naeun

naeun twenty again

Oh Hye Mi’s inspired look

twenty again inspired look

Kim Yi-Jin

Our rival here prefers sweet and feminine pieces in her wardrobe. She loves skirts instead of pants and likes
to accessorize by using scarfs in her outfit together with her signature bag. Here are some of her best looks:

twenty again yi jin

twenty again hye jin

twenty again

hye jin twenty again

Kim Yi Jin’s inspired look

twenty again inspired fall look

Well, That’s it for now! You can share your favorite dramas and favorite kstyle tips in the comments below,  I would love to hear from you guys!



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