K-Beauty: Double Cleansing Method and Korean Beauty Secrets


Cleansing has been the most important part of our everyday routine. Having a clean face is vital for clear skin and cleansing is the first step out of many rituals to follow.


For koreans, following the first step is a must and correctly believe to be the key of having great skin. Various cleansing and beauty tips from korean celebrities and kpop idols were seen online – social media, web articles and t.v shows.

I accumulated some of the best korean beauty tips that I find interesting and would like to share it to you guys with this article.

Double Cleansing Method


The most common used method in cleansing. The first step here is to remove every trance of makeup with cleansing oil. It’s good to take your time in massaging the oil in your face and imagine removing all the oils and dirt from your make-up. Focus on the T-zone and finish off by washing your face with lukewarm water.

But why with Lukewarm water?

We all know the rule that hot water is to open pores, and cold water to close them. Turns out, it’s only a myth. Warm water is much preferred by experts and it is believed that it cleanses better than cold water.

After the oil cleanser, add facial foam to your face. Similar to the cleanser, take your time massaging the face with gentle upward circular motions then rinse off with lukewarm water.

Park Soo Jin‘s 3-Step Cleansing Method


Same as the Double Cleansing Method, the only difference is that she added egg white soap as the final step in her beauty routine. She uses this to tighten the pores by applying the foam from the soap to face and leave it on as a mask pack for five minutes. Then rinse with lukewarm water.

Park Boram

With her guest appearance in Talking Mirror (Get It Beauty), she shared her tips on how she maintained her flawless skin by using – rice water! That’s right guys, She put rice water in bottles and use this in her skin care routine. After she cleanses her face with facial foam and cleansing oil, She gently wash her face with this and let the skin absorb the nutrients from the rice water. It is said that Rice water has moisturizing, antioxidant and healing properties that helps improve circulation, skin aging and ease inflammation to give you healthy and clear skin.

Pony’s Beauty Diary


In this video, Pony shared some of her beauty secrets and the importance of proper exfoliation and cleansing. Her first step in exfoliating is by putting a leave-on exfoliate to face and black sugar scrub to her nose (for blackheads). She massages the scrub to her nose for one minute, and leave on the  exfoliate and scrub for 10 minutes. She rinse this with lukewarm water and pat gently with a towel.

The next step is sanitizing. Instead of using a toner, she uses natural green tea by putting five green tea bags to hot water and let it cool for 5-10 minutes. Gently wash the face with this and let your skin absorb it. Green Tea is rich with Catechin and it has anti-inflammatory properties that will calm and cleanses the skin. It also helps to reduce hormonal acne and breakouts. Do this twice a week to see great results.

Ha Ji Won


Ha Ji Won revealed on talking mirror, that she prefers products that are pure and natural that don’t cause irritation. She only use a small amount of makeup and also a fan of facial mask. She also makes sure to eat a lot of healthy food in her diet by adding fruits, nuts and yogurt to her meals. When she drinks alcohol, she drinks a personally made lemon-soju drink that also add great benefits to skin!


Well that’s the end of this article. You can share some of your favorite k-beauty tips and cleansing tips in the comments below!

I’m gonna end this post with this cutie pie here…. urgh.. his smile!! 🙂






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