Etude House Beauty Spree

Hey Peeps! I wanted to share my shopping spree from Etude House.

etude house beauty spree

They have a promo last week where consumers have a priviledge to buy two items for a price of one.

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picture from facebook page

Meaning, If you buy TWO items from the promo pic, then you can get the other item for one price.

Etude House is famous for their effective cleansing foams and lippies so having heard about the sale excite me and wouldn’t miss this opportunity.

Here are the items that I got from the sale:

Etude House Shopping Spree

Cleansing Foam No. 9 – The Every Month Cleansing Foam which consist of different 12 foams for different skin types. The one I purchase is the Rice Extract which is perfect for moisturizing and deep cleansing. (I guess this is the second step after the cleansing oil).

Cleansing Foam No. 11 – Another every month cleansing foam to achieve smooth skin. This moist gel contains walnut that helps to lock-in moisture and nutrients to keep the skin smooth and silky. (This product is perfect for dry skin)

Pure Baobab Moist Toner – A milk type moisturizing toner that deliver soft and smooth effect to skin. You can apply this after the cleansing foam.

Dust Cut Finish Cream Super Defense – This wonder cream uses as a protection against dirt and other harmful particles. This item acted as a shield and it helps to cleanse off the makeup easily when you wash.

Precious Mineral BB Cream Whitening – A BB cream protection with SPF 30 that contains pearl ingredients that provides silky complexion and sheer coverage.

I haven’t use all the products yet (only the dust cream and the BB Cream) but my most favorite of all is the Dust Cream. I like how it protects my skin without feeling any side effects from my pimples (lol) and I feel like having an armor shield around my face whenever I go out. I’ll probably buy this again and hoping to get a facial mask, etude lippies and other more products for my next beauty spree.

Gonna end this post with Krystal here!




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