5 Korean Fashion Apps To Try

5 Korean Fashion Apps to Try

I always love seeing Koreans and take a moment to look at their outfit and be inspired for my next ootds. I cannot deny how I love korean fashion and sometimes I get inspiration from korean sites even if I don’t understand the text.

So while downloading some fashion apps for my phone I found some korean style apps that is similar to Lookbook HeartIT and Polyvore. It’s quite the same but the only difference is that it’s purely korean styles and brands and you can see some of the best fashion tips that you can find to achieve the k-style look.

I like to share it to you guys some of my recent discovered apps to satisfy your cravings for K-style.

1. CodiBook


The korean version of Polyvore. It’s the most kawaii app and tons of mix and match look that you can find and the latest trends in korean market.


Like the polyvore app, you can pick the items that you like and match it with your favorite pieces and make your ultimate dream closet and have the option to save and share it to others.

2. Style Share

This one is like a fashion Instagram where you can share your latest obsessions and favorite styles to your followers. The homepage is like a feed tab that lets you view the photos of people you follow as well as your own post. Tap any pictures and a “heart” to like the photos you like.

3. Style Nanda

The mobile app of the popular korean online store. It has all our favorite items and makeups (3CE!). You can see all the latest arrivals, campaigns and gifs of our favorite Style Nanda Models. The app gives you instant notification about their latest offer and events in store (it ships worldwide!…but expensive huhu)

The best part of this app is the lookbook where tons of mix and match inspo for your next outfit.

4. Pink Age

If you need inspirations in terms of beauty and hairstyles then this app will help you. It has all the kawaii hairstyles and cute hair extensions in different color and styles. It also sell hair accessories as well.

5. MixXMix

Here’s another fashion app that will help you keep up with the latest style. It’s quite similar to Style Nanda but the style is different and it’s more casual, modern and minimalist compare to the girly and feminine style that we know. The best part of this online store is the brands are all affordable and if you convert the price to your own currency it’s super cheap.

Wah I want to live in KOREA, Like right now..!!!


5 Korean Fashion Apps to Try




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