The Must Have, Must Share and Must Watch this February

It’s that time again! I’ll make this every month to share some of my latest obsessions, awkward outfit post (for the sake of my ootd addiction) and my must watch drama every month.

The Must Have: Jordana Lipstick

jordana lipstick

My friends discovered this label while trying to find a better alternative to some branded lipsticks. We found Jordana in one online shop and bought one of their Matte Lipsticks (mine was Mango Passion and Lavender Lady) and I instantly love it and purchased another shade immediately.

jordana lipsticks swatches

jordana lipsticks swatches

What I love about the Matte Lipstick is the smooth, creamy texture and the rich color you get after one swipe. I’ve never used Jordana or familiar with the brand but I end up loving their lipstick product. Another fascinating thing is its wide range of colors available (they go everythingggg..) All the colors that you desire and the price is very very affordable.


The Must Share

So I finally decide to make an online shop on Instagram.

The Must Have, Must Share, Must Watch in February

The name is Beu Couture. I tried selling my preloved clothes and affordable lipstick brands together with my friend and so far we’re still newbies on selling so NO IDEA how to get customers bwahaha…

beu couture ph

beu couture ph

We’re also thinking of selling handmade accessories and korean inspired clothes or some products we can offer to our target market… (wish us luck lol! :D)

beu couture

beu couture



beu couture


The Must Watch


If you’re tired of romance and craving for some action then this drama is for you.


The story about two group of detectives where one in the present and one in the past communicate with each other via an old two way radio and together they are able to collect clues and work on long-unsolved cases. Inspired by true events in Korea.


The first two episodes are the BOMB! It was nerve wracking, so intense and an awesome start for the drama. Everything is perfect!


One More Happy Ending


It’s like the korean version of Sex in The City that tells about the story of four women who are in their thirties that are still struggling with love and life.


Starring Jang Nara as a former idol girl group member who became a marriage consultant for divorces and as a divorcee herself tries to find love and happiness despite of the non fairytale world we have. A classic rom-com that delivered promising laughs and you’ll never get tired watching it.






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