Our Airbnb Experience: Japan Adventures 2016


Some of us think that going to Japan is hella expensive since accommodation in hotels ain’t cheap especially in Kyoto that range from five thousand pesos to seven thousand or up for a night.

But with Airbnb, we only spent two thousand pesos per night (which is around ten thousand for five nights) and we got the whole apartment by ourselves! How cool is that?

It was our first time to try Airbnb and booking for a room/apartment from an online site was a bold move but knowing Japan as one of the safest countries, we have high expectation that it’s going to be okay (positive thinking) so we decided to book the room.

We found one great apartment near Namba Station and the Airport Bus Terminal OCAT.


The owner of the Apartment(aka. The Host) is really nice. Long (his name) waited for us outside the apartment for 30 minutes (it was very cold that day HAHA like 12c.. ) to see if we made out alive from the airport or we actually followed all his instructions.

He showed us to the apartment and provide the house keys and pin to use for the door.

The Apartment:

Our Airbnb Experience Japan 2016

Our Airbnb Experience Japan 2016

The place was what I expected. The photos in Long’s post were accurate and the apartment was clean with all the amenities promised. The highlight for me would be the view and with the free use of pocket wifi that you can take with you while exploring the city  (SWEET..)


Our Airbnb Experience Japan 2016

Our Airbnb Experience Japan 2016

It’s a typical Japanese house that is small outside but big and spacious inside with two big beds, a kitchen, bathroom and a dining table for two.

Our Airbnb Experience Japan 2016

(It’s gorgeous!)…My dream apartment ❤

Our Airbnb Experience Japan 2016
the view…

Airbnb definitely exceeds my expectation and I plan on using the app for my future travels. This app is perfect for travelers like me who want a bit more privacy or for a family of 4 or 6 which you could rent the entire place.

Of course there are options in the site if you want to rent the whole room/ apartment or to share with a stranger.

Before booking in Airbnb, A few tips to know:

  • When booking a room from Airbnb, make sure that the apartment is near to any train station/MRT station or is very accessible for you.
  • Make sure to check all the reviews of the host. Read all the reviews and see what other travelers commented about their stay. Remember these places are not as secure as hotels, they are individuals and you need to be a little more cautious before booking.
  • Check the pictures and make sure it’s legit by checking again the reviews and if it’s suitable to your taste. Try to message the host before booking by asking if they are available on your travel date.
  • Like I said, this is not a hotel so there is no such thing as room service and housekeeping so make sure to clean  and not to break anything in the apartment.
  • Lastly, if certain problem occurs at your stay you could always report it to the site or the host.



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