5 Korean Inspired Skirts to Try

Five Korean Inspired Skirts to Try

I’m always on the look out for new style and trends from watching Korean Dramas and KPOP videos.

Their sense of fashion is what I love and it’s proven that Koreans can rock any outfit and transform any basic pieces (whether a simple top) and still looking so hip and trendy.

We girls can do it too and here are some Five Korean Inspired Skirts to try and bring out our kawaii styling skills this June Weather!

1. The Classic Tennis Skirt

Five Korean Inspired Skirts to Try

For me it’s called the classic skirt since this skirt never die out and Koreans love to wear it even in different colors.

design 9

They always match it with a statement tee, stripes shirt or any top. Pair this with your favorite rubber shoes, a sporty hat and a bomber jacket!

Five Korean Inspired Skirts to Try

2. The Lace Skirt

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi
Have you seen Joy from Red Velvet wearing these? Yup that’s right. It’s one of the hottest skirts in Korea right now and the design is even more cuter with pastel colors. (Ugh..i want!)

Pair it with a v-neck shirt.

five korean skirts to try

3. The Wrap Skirt
The korean inspired wrap skirt is way more shorter compared to the traditional wrap skirt. You can wear any top with this but I suggest to go easy on the rest of the look.

five korean inspired skirts to try


five korean inspired skirts to try

4. The High Slit
it’s time to show a little leg since its hot hot hot or cold this June.

design 4
Not only slits are sexy, but they are also flattering! Shorter women (like me..) can use the strong vertical element of the slit to make them appear look taller and leaner. (You don’t need perfect legs for this!)

5. Gotta Love Prints
Β One of the classic tricks to wear a printed skirt is by pairing it with the most basic shirt and allow your skirt to take center stage. Printed skirts can easily liftens the mood if you’re super pissed with the changing weather. Match the whole outfit with a simple necklace or accessories and a statement shoes.

five korean inspired skirts to try


design 8

That’s it for now!Β You can share your thoughts and your own favorite skirts in the comment section below.

This is not a promotional post. All pics from pinterest and gmarket.


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